Events Support

Jet Infosystems offers advanced event support IT solutions: exhibitions, conferences, forums, seminars, festivals and other events. Replace inconvenient printed promo-materials with modern interactive communication tool and engage with event guests. Jet Toolbar is an information panel floating over a web page. It is a very powerful, extremely flexible and fully customizable intelligent tool for personal and efficient interaction with mobile users. Jet Toolbar allows organizers to always remain online with event guests.

No more prints. Interact smartly.

Case #1 . Greeting message

Greet your guests and provide them with basic information

Case #2 . Notification

Remind guests about current and scheduled events (presentations, discussions etc.)

Case #3 . Advertising

Advertise your own or 3rd party products and services, announce upcoming events

Case #4. Feedback

Receive feedback from guests (polling, response button), motivate them with bonuses (e.g. coupon or discount)

Case #5 . Information panel (Toolbar)

Allows efficient and personal interaction with guests, can also be used as a fully-featured event guide: promos, event information, exhibition map, location, social networks etc.

Case #6 . Redirection

Upon establishing Wi-Fi connection, redirect guests to landing page or on any other website




See examples of Jet Toolbar messages!

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