Experts Insights

Wi-Fi Monetization or new life of public networks

Speaker: Mikhail Novikov

New revenue streams for telecom operators

Speaker: Alexander Gusev

Increased popularity of ad blocking solutions is a good sign for IBNs

Speaker: Sergey Khromov

Are operators at pace with the digital lifestyle of their subscribers?

Speaker: Sergey Khromov

Explore your subscribers, do not exploit them

Speaker: Sergey Khromov

Inject… INJECT!… i-n-j-e-c-t… What is really best for in-browser notifications?

Speaker: Sergey Khromov

In-browser notification solutions – hardcore softies

Speaker: Sergey Khromov

Subscriber engagement – when «agnostic» is the right word!

Speaker: Sergey Khromov

When in-browser notifications become real subscriber engagement

Speaker: Sergey Khromov

Ad blocking by operators – to be or not to be?

Speaker: Sergey Khromov

Addressing the Pipeline Curse

Jet Info, Speaker: Igor Samsonov

An elegant browser add-on for telecom operators

Jet Info, Speaker Elena Fominskaya, Daniil Vinyar

Analyze This

Jet Info, Speaker: Alexander Gusev

Traffic Management for Telecom operators, or How to Kill Three Birds with One Stone

Jet Info, Speaker: Elena Fominskaya

Traffic management to improve network performance

Jet Info, Speaker: Daniil Vinyar, Alexander Gusev




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