In-flight Entertainment

In-flight entertainment is on the rise and it is now mostly focused on delivering valuable experience to passengers. However, what opportunities does it currently offer to airlines, service providers and business and what opportunities it SHOULD offer?

Unlike many solutions that are available on the market today, Jet offers advanced monetization and user engagement tools to airlines, service providers and business, while at the same time being convenient, relevant and engaging for passengers. Jet offers the solution that enriches in-flight experience and benefits all parties involved, not only passengers.

Case #1. Access to loyalty program personal account

Passengers can use bonus points to make hotel reservations, order taxi and other applicable services

Case #2. In-flight shopping (Duty Free)

Electronic format of in-flight shopping catalog makes it easier to update it, introduce new special offers and high-value discounts. Catalog browsing history can be saved in passenger’s profile, for relevant ads in the future (current or future flights)

Case #3. In-flight shopping (Duty Free), pick-up at destination

Passengers can purchase goods from in-flight shopping catalog and if some of these goods are not available onboard, passenger can request pick-up at point of destination (upon availability at Duty Free shop there)

Case #4. Advertising of airline’s services and special offers

For example, limited-time hot discounts on flights to selected destinations, invitation to join airline loyalty program. If user is registered in loyalty program, advertising can be very targeted and based passenger’s current flight schedule or previous flights experience

Case #5. 3rd party advertising

Advertising of services at destination of current flight (e.g. hotels, taxi/limo services, airport shuttle, coupons to restaurants/stores

Case #6. Different in-flight Wi-Fi tariffs

Wi-Fi with limited bandwidth or limited time can be offered free of charge or for a small fee. Additional bandwidth or time can be purchased or package deals can be offered

Case #7. Transportation at destination

Check tariffs and purchase airport shuttle tickets, reserve taxi, purchase public transportation day-pass etc

Case #8. Tourism/social activities

Top places to visit, access to additional tourist information (exchange rate, public transportation schedules/maps, tourist tips, FAQ etc)

Case #9. In-flight surveys

Passengers can be offered to complete quick surveys for some bonus (e.g. discount coupon for in-flight shopping).




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