Jet Ad Management

Control ad flow at network level

Why JAM?

Operator Benefits

Decrease network congestion
Improve monetization of data network
Subscriber loyalty

Subscriber Benefits

Faster content download
Traffic economy for limited quota tariffs
Increased QoE
Subscriber’s privacy and security

High volume of online ads in operator network cause pipe congestions and reduce subscriber QoE. Online ads are beyond operator’s control. Jet Ad Management - carrier-grade solution to allow efficient control and flexible monetization of ad flow at network level.

What is JAM?

JAM main functions:

Ad traffic analysis. Ad traffic analysis and management at network level allows operator to identify ad traffic, segment it and implement advanced ad management and monetization scenarios.

Ad traffic segmentation. Banners, Video, Flash, Text etc.

Flexible and powerful ad management. Create customizable rules to efficiently manage ad traffic (e.g. block ads based on content type, replace ads etc).

Statistics. Ad volumes in network, Content segmentation analysis, Average ad price estimation - operator can use this information for future interaction with advertisers, own advertising campaigns etc.

Interaction with subscribers. Operators can use JAM to improve subscriber QoE by reducing the number of ads, create advanced tariff rules, sell “Ad Blocking” as a service etc.

Interaction with advertisers and partners. JAM allows operators to introduce flexible rules for partners to advertise on operator’s network, thereby establishing additional revenue streams.

JAM features:

  • Any content type can be targeted (text, video, images etc)
  • Any ad source can be targeted (Google, AOL etc)
  • All platforms and devices are supported
  • HTTP and HTTPs supported
  • Detailed statistics about blocked and replaced ads (quantity, type, source etc)
  • Allows ad replacement and injection of additional ads
  • Intuitive, fully flexible and customizable administration console
  • Administration console allows 3rd party (partner) access – partners can create own content that is moderated by operator
  • Easily scalable
  • Highly targeted ads can be created, based on subscriber behavior and broad range of other parameters
  • Fault tolerance to network and hardware failures
  • Integration with ad exchange platforms (open RTB)
  • Advanced flexibility – different integration methods in operator’s network
  • Low HW requirements
  • Works at network level and does not require any app on subscriber side




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