Jet Subscriber Analytics

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Why JSA?

Collect information about subscribers

Collecting information about subscribers’ interests and behavior by analyzing traffic on data network

Identify anonymous subscribers

Collect general information about subscribers in social networks, online communities etc

Get extra revenue

Higher conversion rate to targeted advertising

Today it is critical for operators to be able to obtain information about subscribers’ needs, behavior and interests to generate extra revenue by offering a variety of additional services to subscribers and/or selling certain data to interested third parties. Operator network is a source of valuable and unique information about subscribers, as they leave «footprints» when they browse the web. So how to collect, understand, analyze and turn all this information into money?

Meet Jet Subscriber Analytics (JSA) – the unique tool to identify such «footprints», by employing advanced traffic analysis on data network.

Advantages of Jet Subscriber Analytics:

Analysis of subscribers' search queries on Yahoo, AOL, Bing, Baidu, Yandex and other search engines

Analysis of subscribers’ activity in social networks and professional communities

Identification of subscribers' communication groups and opinion centers

What is JSA?

Jet Subscriber Analytics is a powerful analytical tool that enriches operator’s database with additional information about subscribers’ needs, behavior and interests. The solution is able to analyze profiles in social networks and subscriber behavior (e.g. visits of sites with online video, use of online banking services, online shopping etc). Operator receives user-friendly interface to create targeted groups for precise personalization and the significant commercial effect that can be achieved as a result.

Jet Subscriber Analytics can be useful in following cases:

Subscriber base management. Personalization of subscriber base, identification of anonymous and corporate subscribers, identification of subscribers planning to switch to a competitor, gathering information about subscribers’ interests for targeted advertising.

Development of products and services. Determination of subscribers using more than one device, monetization of information by selling targeted advertising, new channels of communication with subscribers, launch of new products and services.

Better subscriber service. Customers retention, minimization of refusals to pay roaming charges, prevention of the bill shock effect, increasing of subscribers’ loyalty, identification of facts of tethering.

What's inside?

Collector module

Gathering information about subscribers and their interests by analyzing traffic on data network

Profiler module

Module builds profile of subscriber based on the collected information


Administration console interface for processing statistical data. Also includes data management tools




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