Jet Subscriber Credit

Bank’s customer = Operator’s subscriber

Why JSC?

Bank’s value

Reduced number of credit defaults;
Increased number of approved credits;
Simplified credit approval procedure.

Operator’s value

Revenue from sales of data;
Increased subscriber loyalty, reduction of churn;
New services, new sources of revenue.

Borrower’s value

Increased possibility of approved credit;
Less time for credit approval process;
More advantageous conditions for credit approval.

Imagine that a person decides to apply for credit. This requires going to the bank or any other financial organization and asking for money. There are 2 possible scenarios:

  • Borrower can be first-time applicant. This means that the bank or financial organization does not have any information about this person. This lack of information complicates the credit approval process for the bank.
  • Borrower already has credit history with this particular financial organization. However this information may not enough and is likely to be outdated, because it does not reflect the dynamics of borrower’s financial behavior, current financial discipline, financial status etc.

To improve and optimize the credit approval process, banks require information that:

  • is updated in real-time;
  • reflects the dynamics of applicant’s financial behavior;
  • shows applicant’s current financial discipline and status;
  • is enriched with additional parameters that in total can be used to generate a comprehensive score to summarize applicant’s creditworthiness

Where can banks obtain such information? From operators.

Bank’s Customer = Operator’s Subscriber

Operators aggregate and store information that characterizes subscriber’s social and payment behavior, financial discipline and status, local and international telecom services and payments history, a well as many other unique and valuable parameters that can help banks understand and monitor each subscriber’s creditworthiness.

Operator + Bank = O2B

New business concept, fresh business opportunities for operators

Jet Subscriber Credit – O2B solution that provides banks with dependable information about each new borrower by analyzing raw data from telecom operators. Unique and reliable tool to summarize subscriber’s creditworthiness.

Jet Subscriber Credit advantages:

  • Real-time tool for precise, individual and up-to-date information about each subscriber;
  • Enrichment of subscriber data is based on over 85 unique parameters;
  • Fully compliant with confidentiality laws;
  • Advanced business tool for operators and banks, with transparent records and history of scoring requests;
  • Subscriber consent required, consent history maintained;
  • Not “one-time action” but in-depth scoring and monitoring solution that provides regular or upon-request updates per subscriber.

What is JSC?

Jet Subscriber Credit is the solution for assessment of financial status and financial discipline of individuals applying for bank’s credit services, using information about their use of communication services. JSC collects information on operator’s side about applicants, summarizes it and calculates credit score points for each applicant. The resulting score points can be compared with the average points for different regions.

Jet Subscriber Credit is an excellent tool for banks and financial organizations to make a comprehensive and balanced decision about applicant’s creditworthiness in a very short time. Furthermore, JSC allows monitoring financial status of each borrower after credit has been provided, by enriching borrower’s data with latest information, to give banks a reliable tool to monitor their credit customers.

JSC main functions:

  • Collects information on operator’s side about subscribers to summarize about their financial status, financial discipline and creditworthiness;
  • Enriches available information about subscribers;
  • Provides banks with additional information about their customers in real time;
  • Reduces banks’ credit approval decision-making time.

How O2B works

  1. Client approves processing of data;
  2. Bank sends data to operator/integrator;
  3. Operator sends subscribers’ data to bank




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