Smart City

Smart cities is a very hot topic today and it’s continuing to gain popularity. In short – the goal is to create a platform that will be the ecosystem for data management and connectivity, used for launching a variety of integrated services that will be coordinated by the city government and city partners. Applications are almost limitless, with main focus on such areas as infrastructure, governance, safety, economy, “people services” (for citizens and visitors) and environment, with each of these further segmented into relevant “target sections”.

Many cities today already have public Wi-Fi networks deployed and such public Wi-Fi hotspots are one of the main building blocks of any Smart City ecosystem. Wi-Fi has already evolved to support a wide variety of city applications and large number of services, including specialized municipal applications, such as traffic management, surveillance and smart buildings. Wi-Fi in Smart Cities will have to be closely integrated with other technologies, such as LPWA (low power wide access) technologies and various personal area network applications (e.g. Bluetooth beacons).

The main aim of any Smart City is to provide maximum support to citizens, increase and improve cooperation between the government and the residents

Monetization of Wi-Fi networks is key for operators and Smart City applications allow operators to generate revenue from city authorities and municipal utilities, from citizens and advertisers. Jet Toolbar is a complete solution that can be seamlessly integrated into any Smart City ecosystem and enrich its Wi-Fi component with user engagement tools for advanced monetization and enhanced Smart City user experience.

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