Possible business-cases in WI-FI NETWORK include:

  1. Welcome message for Wi-Fi users. Advertisement of products and services to residents and tourists.
  2. Targeted 3rd party advertising based on geolocation (in commercial and municipal Wi-Fi networks). For example, advertising of restaurants and shops when user is in the particular area. Can be used in city areas, shopping malls, airports, hotels, business centers, stadiums etc.
  3. Targeted 3rd party advertising at sports events. For example, customer loyalty tools (online tickets with special discounts or coupons for souvenirs etc) or fan interaction with clubs playing or advertising of restaurants/hotels/taxis etc to fans.
  4. Hotel and restaurant advertising for tourists. Can be used in airports, at train stations, at hotels etc.
  5. Stadiums and sports events. Can be used at sports events for advertising, sports fans interaction, loyalty programs etc.
  6. Airports. Can be used to advertise to travelers upon arrivals – for example, advertisements of hotels, taxis etc. Can be used to communicate with travelers upon departure - in Duty Free area, information of special offers, based on location parameters (e.g. when person passes the store with such offers), boarding notifications (requires travelers to enter boarding pass details) etc.
  7. Monetization of municipal Wi-Fi networks. In addition to targeted 3rd party advertising, based on geolocation and other parameters, monetization of municipal Wi-Fi networks is also possible through creation of special pay-per-use services (such as higher bandwidth, increased quota etc). Jet Toolbar allows advanced targeting of all users, depending upon user-category and other parameters.
  8. General operator and/or government agency notifications. Operator can notify users of own services or of some urgent events, such as accidents, closed roads, etc. Urgent messages can be sent according to geolocation.
  9. Operator marketing research. For example, operator can ask users to answer several quick questions in a questionnaire and receive free bonus.
  10. 3rd party marketing research. For example, new restaurant chain can have a quick questionnaire for subscribers of specific age group (or specific geolocation etc) about their food preferences or where they prefer to go out for dinner. In return such subscribers can receive a coupon for a welcome drink.
  11. Direct link to subscriber’s account. Those users who are registered in Wi-Fi network, toolbar widget can be used to give each user direct link to their account from any browser widow. Such toolbar can contain quicklinks to different sections in subscriber’s account (e.g. services ordered, account status, option to order new services etc) and contain key information about subscriber’s tariff (e.g. tariff name, quota level etc).
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