Jet Detective

Superior anti-fraud and risk management solution based on machine learning


Efficiency of anti-fraud and risk management is greatly increased when information security elements become:

  • Smart (include AI elements)
  • Components of business processes

Proactive risk management with Jet Detective Jet Detective can be implemented:

  • As a stand-alone solution
  • As part (enhancement) of ERP
  • As part of IoT


Easy to test and deploy - POC is quick and easy to do, low deployment and testing costs.

Advanced technologies - Uses advanced machine-learning approached (supervised and deep learning).

Flexibile - Different models can be prepared and installed quickly, based on business specifics.

Any data - Can combine and use any data from any sources (e.g. from web site, CRM, PoS, campaign management systems, ERP etc).

AI - Predictability models are based on history and other data to constantly improve accuracy and relevance.

Examples of Fraud Management use-cases of Jet Detective in Telecom:

  • International Revenue Share Fraud - Artificial inflation of traffic terminating to international revenue share providers
  • Interconnect Bypass Fraud - Unauthorized insertion of traffic onto another carrier’s network (e.g. SIM box fraud)
  • Premium Rate Service Fraud - Artificial inflation of traffic terminating to premium rate numbers
  • Domestic Revenue Share Fraud (DRSF) – abuse of carrier interconnect agreements
  • Friendly Fraud – utilization of charge backs, returned checks etc to perpetuate services
  • Device/Hardware Reselling Fraud – resold equipment, such as handsets, tablets, IPTV devices, routers etc
  • Commissions Fraud – schemes used by dealers to collect additional commission and spiffs

Examples of non-fraud use-cases of Jet Detective in Telecom:

Advertising and marketing

  • Churn prediction and reduction – list of subscribers who are likely to leave soon
  • Product tailoring – prediction of sales and optimization of product and targeting parameters of specific products for specific subscribers
  • Cross-selling and up-selling – best offers and communication channels for subscribers, prediction of response
  • Loyalty programs – personalized offers, recommendation, predictions
  • Consumption anomaly detection/fraud prevention – smart alerts of possible fraud and misuse of services
  • Enrichment of scoring – optimized scoring models based on enriched data and additional behavioral patterns

HW and maintenance

  • Dynamic routing – demand prediction, optimized maintenance and services
  • Maintenance optimization, fault prediction – optimized maintenance of extensive infrastructure, with constant monitoring and anomaly detection
  • Demand/load prediction – short-term and mid-term predictions for more precise infrastructure development and support planning
  • Remote monitoring – using computer vision/image recognition and history-based predictions, analysis of infrastructure status, smart alerts for maintenance
  • Improved instrumental diagnostics – detection of defects, flaws and anomalies, smart alerts for planning

HR and operations

  • Personnel screening – monitoring personnel activities, detection of abnormal behavior, aid in performance and safety reviews
  • Call-center efficiency – automated assessment of all calls, filtering calls by keywords, customer emotions etc.
  • Call-center optimization – introduction of new customer support tools, such as chat bots and voice assistants, to reduce load on call centers and reduce costs

What's inside?

Three functionality levels of Jet Detective

Data Presentation
Data Processing
Data collection and storage

Jet Detective works with any data

Big Data

Jet Detective powerful analytics

Supervised learning
Anomaly detection
Process control

Jet Detective provides

Complete data management

From description of business objects and management rules to reports and response tuning

Control of events at any level

  • Financial operations
  • Supply & demand
  • Production line
  • Other system events
  • Different IS and IT components…

With advanced analytics for:

  • Creation of rules
  • Profiling
  • Mathematical modeling

Every project is unique

Relevant Jet expertise, vast project experience and ready-to-use models available

Jet ensures success of machine-learning projects through:

  • In-depth analysis of project specifics
  • Design of turnkey solution
  • Development and integration
  • POC
  • Deployment in live environment
  • Support and maintenance
  • Consulting


Best way to experience benefits of Jet Detective
for operator is to test it!

At least three fraud schemes (that company was not aware of prior to POC) will be identified and described.

Jet Detective will analyze past activities (e.g. for past 3 months) to show how, when and by who these fraud schemes were implemented.

This will allow to understand financial losses that were caused by these fraud schemes.

Jet experts will provide recommendations based on POC findings: risks minimization, new fraud prevention, optimization of loyalty programs, inventory control etc.




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